36" Giant Red Car Bow

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This giant car bow measures 36” across with 45” tails.  They are made of commercial grade outdoor nylon material with UV inhibitors.  It makes the perfect car bow for large trucks, SUVs and displays at dealerships as well as other events.  We call these car bows our "shoe tie bows" since they look like the ties when we tie our shoes.  They are extremely popular and are perfect when you want something really BIG that will stand out.  We’ve seen them used on buildings, holiday décor and more than just vehicles.

These giant red bows can come with gold trim (as seen on the image) or without the gold trim.  Depending upon your need, both options are available.

The interior of the bow is reinforced with wire mesh for easy reshaping. You can store it in original box and reshape it for future use.  It attaches to any vehicle with suction cups or the wire on back of the bow.

Please note that these bows ship 3-5 business days from date of purchase and may take up to 6 business days in transit.

36" Red Giant Car Bow - 36" w/45" tails