48" Giant Car Bow

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This giant car bow measures 48” across with 60" tails.  This is a true 4 foot bow for all of those really BIG projects or gifts! Like our other giant bows these are made of commercial grade outdoor nylon material with UV inhibitors.  That basically means they are designed to hold up well outdoors.

Like the other giant bows, this one can come in red with gold trim or solid red with no trim.  The choice is yours! 

Each bow is reinforced by wire mesh that makes reshaping the bow easy.  Our bows arrive with either suction cups or wire on the back of the bow for attaching to cars and other structures.  When not in use, it can store in its box ready to be pulled out at another time. 

Pricing includes Standard Shipping. Delivery for these bows runs 5 - 8  business days from date of purchase. Upgraded shipping is available for an additional fee. These bows do require simple assembly to form into shape. 


48" Red Giant Car Bow - 48" w/60" tails