Big Bows – Perfect for Your Next Event

Big Bows – Perfect for Your Next Event

big red bow

Big red bows make a splash at ribbon cutting ceremonies!

We’ve found that people are very creative with coming up with a variety of ways and uses for all of our large gift bows and big bows besides just using them on cars and other big gifts! We love to hear what and how they are being used.

One of our favorite clients to talk with, when she calls in, works for the government in Louisiana. She’s one of our regular corporate clients that orders bows for holiday events, think yellow ribbon bows to support our troops or Veteran’s Day to name a few. And another event that she’s recently started ordering our big red bows is for ribbon cutting ceremonies. As you can see in this picture, Large Gift’s big red bow is sitting right in front of the camera during the event!

Whatever holiday, event or occasion, we are certain to be able to come up with something to make it stand out even more! Give us a call or email us to see how we can assist.