Big Gold Bows – Awareness Ribbons

Big Gold Bows – Awareness Ribbons

The ultimate in elegance – big gold bows are sure to create a WOW effect when you see them. Bright, big, beautiful and fluffy, our large gold bows always make an impact. We’ve seen them used as big car bows

big gold bows, wedding and event bows and ribbons and also for various events and causes.

Gold bows are also great when combined with a school color to create a really great effect for school teams or school spirit events. Let your favorite school or team know that you are supporting them in a really big way!

In addition, there are several organizations that use the color gold to bring awareness to their cause or health issues. Some of these include:

  • Childhood Cancer
  • COPD
  • Embryonal Rhabdomysarcoma
  • Breast Feeding

Creating a special look for your event and function requires coming up with a little something that makes it standout. Using big gold bows and ribbons is a great touch and affordable as well.

Just contact us here and let us know what you are interested in and how soon you would need your bows and ribbons. We will get back to you quickly!