Big Red Bows, a Classic Finishing Touch

Big Red Bows, a Classic Finishing Touch

Our big red car bows, the classic gift bow!

Many of us think of big red bows as the final touch on a present that might be given as a gift or rests under a Christmas tree during the holidays. However, there are big bows and then there are BIG bows. The ones that we are talking about can be up to 5 feet in diameter and even longer when you add their the tails into the equation. If you haven’t seen them before, you would be surprised at how popular they are and the number of uses that individuals use them for.

Whether it’s in a commercial building or your home, big red bows make the perfect Christmas tree topper. Trimmed in gold or silver or the classic solid red big bow adds the perfect finishing touch to any tree during the holiday season.

The most popular use for this style of bow is seen during the holidays and for openings. You can see them wrapped around buildings to get in the holiday spirit and new homes that are part of openings or special giveaways. They can make quite a statement on any building.

A third, and very popular use for red bows, are the large car bows that dealerships use on their displayed cars in the showroom. Car bows for holiday gifts, graduations and Sweet 16 car bows are an extremely popular item. Afterall, how are you going to get wrapping paper around a gift like that? Not only would it be costly, it would be extremely difficult. So a favorite way to “wrap up” the ultimate gift is with a big red bow or other combinations of color that coordinate with the vehicle.

Large paintings, artistic sculptures or statues and big kid’s toys can all skip the wrapping paper when you simply add a big red bow. Whether it’s a basic tie bow or one that if full and fluffy, it adds a flair to the gift that shows you care.

Giving a gift of a giant flat screen tv or washer dryer set to someone? It’s the perfect gift to add a bow to. You’ll see them during the holidays at some appliance centers or other stores that sell electronics. If you are giving a gift along that line, you too can add a custom bow before you make the big presentation. It will definitely make a statement on any large gift.

There are a number of companies that can create a big red bow or just about any other color bow for you. And it is a simple way to take care of wrapping up your large gifts without you having to do anything else.