Big Silver Bows – Awareness Ribbons

Big Silver Bows – Awareness Ribbons

big silver car bowsElegant and sleek, big silver bows make a statement wherever they are used. From a big gift like a silver car bow to parties, events and other functions, these big bows are sure to impress.

In addition, these silver bows and ribbons are representative of several groups and awareness organizations. If you are having an event, function or support group occasion consider adding some large bows to tables, pillars, vehicles, trees or other objects to make things really special!

Some of the groups for which silver bows and silver ribbons represent include:

  • The Silver Ribbon Campaign for the Brain
  • Brain Disorders and Disabilities
  • Children with Physical or Learning Disabilities
  • Elderly Abuse
  • Stalking

Just contact us here and let us know what you are interested in and how soon you would need your bows and ribbons. We will get back to you quickly!