Bigger Car Bows, Giants Bows and More This Year!

Check out our latest giant bow!  Now large gold bows.

Trying to get Large Gift to have any all styles of car bows, giant bows and other huge bows is one of our goals this year. So we are busily in search of new and improved bows as well as some fresh new styles and looks to add to our collection. Hopefully you will like the additions as we role them out!

One of our newest additions will be another large to huge bow (depending upon the size that you need). This one will be a fresh take on the ever popular red multi loop bow. This time we kept all of the bow and simply added a fresh twist with a rich, elegant gold multi loop bow. Like the original, these gold bows can be found in up to 60 inches diameter depending upon availability. Now that is a BIG bow and can cover just about anything that you would want.

We’ve seen our multi loop bows used on buildings, giveaways of cars and RVs and decorating malls and other facilities over the holidays. The uses for these bows is just about endless. Whatever the use, the clean and elegant look is sure to kick things up a notch!

Give us your thoughts on this new bow and how you might use it? We’re always looking for new and different ideas for bows.

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