Here's to All Our Veterans This Veteran's Day!

Yellow Ribbon Bows

It's Veteran's Day and in this part of the world it's perfect weather for the celebration!  

Since we've got a lot of current and former military members in our families, we're always helping as best we can with any clients that are looking for yellow ribbons bows or Support Our Troops and patriotic bows.  In fact, I have to say these are some of our favorite clients to deal with!  We just love them -

Support Our Troops Ribbons Bows

We do several different styles of large yellow bows and patriotic bows depending upon the event, cause and budget.  I'm really happy to see that we've got some of our fun ribbons back in stock and can do a variety of options for you.  There are a few different ones scattered in this post.  Please let us know what you think of them!

This year we've got out bows scattered across the country!  I know of some that are on a couple of military bases supporting the troops there as well as a couple of other causes that they are raising awareness about.  My favorite story this Fall was of a Mom whose son was returning after being overseas for extended tours and she got 60 bows for every tree between the entry to her development and the house!  How cool is that?

While we do like our bows and love to share them, we really want to say a GIANT THANK YOU to each and every past, present and thinking of it in the future service man and woman wherever you are!  We also wish the best to their families as we know the strain and stress it can cause when they have to go overseas.

So what special things do you have planned to celebrate Veteran's Day this year?  Share with us and let us know!

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