Memorial Day - Support Our Troop Ribbons and Bows

Memorial Day - Support Our Troop Ribbons and Bows

Support Our Troop Bows

Congrats to all of us!  We've made it through the winter doldrums and slogged through the rains, winds and whatever else of spring and now summer is about to kick off.  Personally, it's my favorite time of year!  Love the long days and warm weather.  The starting point for most of us is Memorial Day weekend.  

I'm old enough to remember that school used to end right before Memorial Day.  Do you remember that?  Now it's going weeks longer but it is summer nonetheless.  So if you are planning to jump start this summer season with a parade or other festive occasion, we've got some ideas for you!  Even if it's just a family gathering you can make the day even more special with some decorations and Support Our Troop ribbons and bows. 

For a gathering at home, go to a local dollar store and get some fun decorations that you and the kids can do.  There's plenty of crepe paper streamers that are in patriotic colors or bright and cheery summertime fun colors!  Decorate bikes, trikes and the yard with some fun red, white and blue!  If your local town isn't having a parade, consider a neighborhood parade and share the decorating ideas with everyone in your neighborhood.  It will be more fun and the kids will love the fun. 

Whether it is the entire neighborhood, a few good friends or just family make paper hats and decorate them!  This is a classic summertime and Memorial Day activity in our area.  If you don't know how to make paper hats, we've got you covered!  Check out our ideas for Memorial Day hats here!  This is great idea to do before the start of any parade.  Everyone can wear them while participating or watching.

Big Yellow BowsFinally, big bows!  Yes, you knew we'd get to these.  Whether it is patriotic bows in red, white and blue or Support Our Troops with large yellow bows you can definitely add to the festivities both at home and in your town with the addition of some bows.  We'd love it if you checked out our various Support Our Troops ribbons, bows and more! 

Most of all, have a great time this Memorial Day!  And don't forget to say a little thank you to those past and present that we honor that day.  After all, that's the whole reason for this holiday!

Have a great summer!