Our Car Bows Add WOW!

Our Car Bows Add WOW!

car bows sweet sixteen birthday presents

One of our favorite things to get is a photo of our car bows in use! It’s something that we share around here and everyone gets a chance to check out the big bow from the photos that clients send to us. So we’re going to start sharing some of our favorites as they come in on the blog. Perhaps that will give you some ideas of how best to use our bows and the events or functions where adding “the perfect finishing touch” would work for you?

Sweet 16 birthday present with car bow on top!

This lucky young lady turned Sweet Sixteen recently. We got an urgent call from her father saying that he thought the mother had ordered a bow and the mother thought that he had, bow ordering had been dropped! No worries, we quickly created a bow in just the color combinations that he wanted and upgraded the shipping so that the bow would be there in time.

Based on this picture, I’d say the young lady was pleased with her birthday present and the car bow on top wouldn’t you?