We LOVE It When Clients Share Their Car Bows Photos

We LOVE It When Clients Share Their Car Bows Photos

Making car bows is a fun if exhausting business to be in!  It's great to see something beautiful be the result of your efforts.  But it is hard as well and making sure that we do the best we can for our clients is super important to us.

So we REALLY get excited when we get photos of our car bow from the client. In fact, we consider it the ultimate compliment that they took a few minutes from their day to send us some photos of their bows.

This client want really worried about what to get for the new car they were giving as a gift to their son.  I think we discussed the bow for about 30 minutes before they finally made the decision.  :) The end result was a 2 color bow (all of our bows can have 1 to 3 colors at no additional charge) that is really going to *POP* on a black Mustang don't you think?

And this is just one example that we saw this month!  So if you get a bow, we'd love to have you share it with us.  In fact, everyone that sends us in a bow for the month is entered to #win a box of gourmet chocolates from our monthly drawing.  Just our little way of saying thanks for taking the time!

Whatever color combination of bow you are looking for, let us know via an email or call.  If we don't have it in stock and you have a little time, it's quite possible that we can get ahold of the colors that you need.  

So check us out at http://www.LargeGiftBows.com and see all the different options that we have available!