Where to Buy Big Bows

where to buy big bows

Believe it or not, we get this question A LOT on our Customer Support Line!  Where to buy big bows is one of our most frequently asked questions.  Comes right before, "how soon can I get a bow?"  And when you think about it, it's not that surprising a question to ask if you are searching for large bows or car bows for an event or special gift.  

However, it is unlikely that you will find a bow maker, yes, that is what they are called, sitting in your home town.  Well, of course if you are in about one of a dozen home towns that we know of you will find one but for the rest of us, it is doubtful.  The reason for that is this is a highly specialized product and skill to have.  And it is also one that is quite simply not needed every day and by everyone.  Basic Economics 101 will say that supply meets demand and in the car bows niche and big bows area, that certainly holds true.

If you need or are looking for bows that are 10 inches and under, then a craft place or local shop might have what you are looking for.  We can think of places like the chain Michael's and maybe Jo-Ann's as great national chains to check out.  Your local area and shops are also likely to have a variety of bows and bows styles to choose from as well.  

It's when it comes to the bigger sizes that are substantially more difficult to make and require custom tools and special skills that it's harder to find in your own backyard.  When you are looking for 24 inch car bows or some really wide real estate bows that you need broaden your search.  The internet is going to provide you with several options, and yes, we would love it if you would think of us!  

We make, and have available, bows from 12 inches to 60 inches depending upon the style and size that you are looking for.   What also is one of our best features is that we can custom make a bow with the colors of your choosing as well.  That makes it a special car bow or big bow for your gift.  When you are looking for bows for events it becomes even more important that you can get just the right size and color combination.  With a myriad of colors available, I think we can probably come up with just what you are looking for!

Now the one thing we do have to say about figuring out where to buy big bows is that waiting until the day OF the event or gift giving is a problem.  Advance planning is definitely going to help you here!  If you can decide what you want at least 2 days in advance you can save yourself a TON of stress, not to mention a bit on the shipping costs as well.  Things like Standard delivery is frequently free but Express type deliveries always have additional charges.  Your call of course, but just a suggestion.

Let us in on what you might like to use a large gift bow for?  Who knows…..we just might surprise you with one!

To learn more, check us out at www.LargeGiftBows.com

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